Whose Line is it Anyway


Linda Taylor & Laura Hall on Whose Line is it Anyway

This show has been the most amazing adventure for me. For one thing, it's turned into so many years of work, for which I'm very grateful.

The ABC series, with Drew Carey as the host, taped for 6 years (195 episodes), and then had many years in reruns on ABC Family. I went on the road with Drew Carey and the Improv Allstars for several more years, doing live shows all over the country, and even a USO tour.


Then, remarkably, the show came back in 2013 with a new host, Aisha Tyler, and is going strong in its new incarnation on the CW. In some ways I think we're better than ever.  Plus we've done two successful runs of Whose Line Live in London, with a combined American and British cast. 


The other great thing that came out of the show has been playing with a musician I admire so much, Linda Taylor. I didn't know Linda before she joined the show, but we've become good friends since then.  We've worked together not only on Whose Line, but she's played on most of my cds, we've scored a film together, and done lots of live shows. And she's just a smoking guitar player.


I got my start in improv at The Second City and Annoyance Theater in Chicago. When I moved to L.A. I planned on focusing on songwriting, film work and playing with bands, and I did do all those things. But life has a funny way of surprising you, so when the call came to audition for Whose Line, I'm so happy I said “yes, and”.


 Laura Hall on Whose Line is it Anyway  Aisha Tyler & Laura Hall on Whose Line is it Anyway  Keegan-Michael Key and Laura Hall on Whose Line is it Anyway  on the set of Whose Line is it Anyway


"I'm a Laura Hall-ic" - Chip Esten (Whose Line is it Anyway, Nashville)


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